Suspect Evidence Trump, NASA & Illuminati, Sarah



Girls Of New Realm wasted My ID, Poison ? ( ugly, fat ), Send Planet X Nibiru 🙁                    Sweet Mamas ?              I dont want to Go…  Mean to murder all Contacts for Beach ? 








NASASarah ,  Illuminati, Trump,  and NASA  New 5D Realm, Planet X 



DOTA ?      The Voice USA ??       The Final Eclipse of 2019 Death of many Cycles ??



Sarah, Illuminati Did Lucifer Program.. ( Ego )        Ruining and Living Out on others  Selfworth ?        Sarah is deciding   over my Body and Love   wasting changes so I dont become Beautiful and thin

Sarah Continue wasting my Changes ?       Sarah were Creating Wars, Fights..     No Love Appointment, 17 Y Living Out on MeDoing   Lucifer Program…   



Ben Tax New Time ?       Dont want u Back ?       The Event              Sound  The Alarms ?            All for you ?            


Mother Mary  murders the Whole Earth for Sarah 🙁     Sarah Hadassa, Illuminati Build New 5D Realm   with  Trump and NASA, Braun       Good As Hell?         




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