Sananda and Illuminati



Do Sananda and Illuminati Work Together or Not?



New Earth & Planet X ( NASA )


Era of Light                        The Galactic Federation of Light, Red Dragon Planet X                     X in this Music Video


Trump & Braun, NASA Build New 5D Realm   Sananda, Joseph Of Arimathea, Emperor AugustineThe Event?Nasa Send  Planet X..






Werner Von Braun  & Rotschilds (illuminati) In WW2             Trump, Dieter Braun Working Together With Illuminati.



Trump & Putin          The Fifthguys ( Sarah )    5D Earth         Russia & K Music ?           Listen this.. Justin Bieber  & Anonymous Suit?     > Explain This Illuminati <   


Q, Trump Love Will Remember, Selena Gomez  \NEO      Dont you Know ( X )   The Fifthguys & Coffeeshop  ( Sarah )    Trump & Illuminati      Trump, Hillary and Jesuits 


The Double Trouble Ke Termination Records?     I’m Moving On ?  Cant Have ? Sarah  On the Low?      Bigger Wow? Sarah Hadassa – Gun?  Skylike – Imaginary  






Sarah, Illuminati :Appointment, Living out 2002 – 2019


People   gave no  changes,  ( Appointment ) I cried always Nights.. 2002 – 2019  not 15,   I am 32       I dont Like  Others Deciding.. Have fun with fucking penis in Pussy..  We Came. haha    

                    I didnt, I dont like feeling as boy 🙁            Lingerie ?  it reminds me Girls dont want to see me      We continue want that you become ugly or fat..   Thx for Sweet Compliments   

Got Nothing, No Hughs, Love, Children, Money, Villas, Cars..      People  let me wait and cry Nights                            If we die,  I Might Choose to become Girl 



Knowing Sarah


I wanted to Know Sarah, I visited her Place several Times, gave my adres or mb nr already..

She was always acting her Role, From Begin On MSN Chat.. and I didnt Learn to know Her, she didnt miss me from the start (ignored me )

 and Lived Out with the Class & Game on Me,  She chooses for dark and hates me and doesnt miss me,


MSN:   2002, Sarah wanted that I dont start the game?     2003, Shut Up, Do you mean I Got Ignored and Sarah acted and I told the Truth  I am acting, you must beJoking right?:(

2005: Do you care for Me and my family2005: I write Sins Not Tragedies..You ruined it…       “We dont Need This” SORRY NOT SORRY?    I must Hate Myself if Sarah Hates Me?




The Living Out 2002 – 2019, Wasted Changes on Purpose




















Our Father





Illuminati Changes?









World War 2, Rotschilds Illuminati and Werner Von Braun, NASA : Read 




The Rothschild KM sets up Nazi Work Camps as a pretext to later  

manipulate the Allies into granting them their own private colony in Palestine, using land stolen from the Palestinians: 

The Rothschild KM was able to use their self mis-labelled, 

so-called “holocaust” to serve as a mind-kontrol trigger to thwart and resist any criticism of their Zionist ways. 

The truth of the matter was that the Rothschild KM set up the Nazi work camps  

to make huge profits for their corporations that ran their work camps and supplied their Nazi war machine. 

In my Memories, Caroline Visited neighbours that had sweet Dogs,

and then they took her to Camp Sachsenhausen where she got Raped and Murdered with Gas





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